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Enteral Nutrition


Oral and enteral nutrition products can play a key role in delivering nutrients needed to manage some acute or chronic diseases or conditions. 

A good nutrition and good health go hand in hand especially when it comes to managing acute or chronic illnesses or conditions. At Hygeia Medical we work with the leading manufacturers of top quality enteral products to ensure our patients receive optimal nutrition.


Enteral Nutrition Catalog

At Hygeia Medical we carry the best enteral products and therapeutic nutritions for all types of patients. You can receive your enteral products from us right at your door steps before your previous supply runs out.


The type of patients who can benefit from our therapeutic nutrition supplies could be:


  • Preparing for surgery

  • Recovering from surgery

  • Hospitalized for acute or chronic diseases or condition

  • Staying in short- or long-term care residential facilities

  • Experiencing involuntary weight loss

  • Overweight

  • Living with impaired glucose tolerance

  • Frail and at risk for protein-energy malnutrition (PEM)

  • Requiring additional immune support

  • Metabolically stressed

  • Recovering from anorexia, stress, trauma, or burns

  • Living with kidney disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


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