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Incontinence Supplies


We understand that being incontinent is a private matter. Therefore, we offer discrete packaging options to ensure you receive your incontinence supplies  confidentially. Our products are comfortable and durable. We carry quality products suitable for every need or situation.


Incontinence Supplies Catalog

Causes of Incontinence

There are a variety of habits, conditions and physical problems that can lead to incontinence; everyday habits, such as alcohol consumption or caffeine consumption.

Also underlying medical conditions, such as urinary tract infection or pregnancy, and physical problems, such as neurological conditions or an enlarged prostate. An evaluation by your doctor can help determine what’s behind your incontinence.


Living with Incontinence

Although incontinence can be embarrassing, it is a common problem. With the right incontinence product and management strategy you can enjoy the quality of life and the dignity that you deserve.

The type of incontinence helps choose the product that is best for you...

Types Of Incontinence:

  • Stress Incontinence: Caused by pressure from sneezing. Laughing, coughing, etc.

  • Urge Incontinence: A sudden urge that can’t be held long enough to get to a toilet.

  • Mixed Incontinence: A combination of stress and urge incontinence.

  • Functional Incontinence: The inability to get to the toilet without assistance.

  • Overflow Incontinence: A steady leakage from the bladder not emptying completely.

  • Transient Incontinence: Temporary leakage that ends once the cause is treated.

  • Bowel Incontinence: The loss of control of bowel movements.


Strategies for Managing Incontinence


With proper management, incontinence can be greatly improved in most cases. Here are some strategies you can try to help relieve your symptoms:


Pelvic floor muscle exercises. Also known as Kegels, these exercises can increase your strength and help you avoid stress and urge incontinence.


Avoiding bladder irritants. Caffeine, alcohol and carbonated beverages can increase the number of incontinence episodes.


Changing medications. Ask your physician if your medication can cause incontinence and if an alternative is available.


Scheduled voiding. A timed toileting schedule, typically every three to four hours, can help you to relearn bladder control.



Protective Hygiene.  We can help you there.  Choosing the right products to manage your incontinence and prevent you from getting other health problems.

Ordering your Incontinence products

from Hygeia is easy...

Pick the Product

Choosing the right product is very crucial. At Hygeia, we offer a vast variety of incontinece control products suitable for every individual's needs.

Choose Your Size

Choosing the right size incontinence product helps you prevent leakage and accidents. Picking the right size product will help you manuver freely and not worry about any leaks or discomfort.

Order Your Perfect Product

All you need to do now is contact Hygeia and start receiving your incontinence supplies. Remember at Hygeia we offer discrete packaging on all of our incontinence supplies. If you have Colorado Medicaid, you can receive our incontinence supplies at no charge to you. 

You can place your order via E-Mail, Phone, Fax, or Online.


Phone: 303-758-9413

Toll Free: 1-877-749- 4342

Fax: 303-758-9062


747 Sheridan Blvd. Unit 3C, Lakewood, CO 80214

Six things you should know about Incontinence Products:


1. Only one absorbent product should be worn at a time. Layering one product inside another can cause leakage and an improper fit.

2. Thicker isn’t always better. Using new advanced technologies, products can be thinner and more discrete and can provide excellent protection.

3. The size is important. Get the right size and fit for the best dryness and protection. Larger does not mean more absorbent.

4. A different product might be more effective. Consider the type and severity of your incontinence, and your level of mobility.

5. Bladder pads are not the same as feminine hygiene pads. Bladder control pads have unique super absorbent polymers that absorb urine quickly.

6. Bladder pads are not for women only. For light urinary incontinence, today’s bladder pads are comfortable for both men and women, and the adhesive strip can be placed anywhere in underwear. 

Elderly Woman at Gym

At last, have control of your life again!

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