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Beds, Mattresses, & Lifts

Beds & Mattress

Standard beds are simply inadequate for Homebound and immobile clients. This is why Hygeia Medical offers an array of hospital beds for long term home use. The convenience and support of an advanced hospital bed in the comfort of patient’s home can be very beneficial for clients.

Hygeia Medical offers the best brands of hospital beds, mattresses, and overlays for all types of patients.


Beds, Mattresses, & Lifts Catalogs

Our Most Popular Hospital Bed

Basic Hospital Bed


  • Light beds are easy to transport with a foot section that weighs just 42 lbs (19 kgs)

  • Convenient DC motor box snaps off quickly, making delivery, setup and routine _maintenance easier

  • A 9V battery back up allows movement to lowest bed position during power failures (batteries not included)

  • Headspring supports recessed to resist pinching and injuries

  • Foot assembly recessed to reduce chance of pinching

  • New and improved remotes with large buttons for exceptional ease of use

  • Beds include 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters

  • Height range: 15"-20"

  • MDR107003ELO has a height range of 9.5"-22.5"

  • Five year warranty on electronics and mechanical components

  • 100% System tested and certified

  • Full-electric and Semi-electric beds available 

Our Most Popular Pressure Reduction Mattress

Regular Pressure Reduction Air Mattress


  • True low air-loss therapy

  • Our blower-based system effectively manages moisture, shear and friction while redistributing pressure.

  • Functions include true low air- loss, auto firm and seat inflation

  • Rapid inflation (less than 60 seconds) for quick-and-easy setup

  • User-friendly digital pump

  • Low-shear, low-friction cover is easy to clean and fully encases the air cells

  • 400-lb. weight capacity

  • 5-year warranty

Our Most Popular Patient Lifts

Electric Patient Lifts


  • Dual-battery system electronics for easy and convenient charging.

  • Base legs on these Powered Elevating Floor Lifts spread with a reliable, easy-to-operate foot pedal.

  • Low-profile, base legs easily move under beds and other furniture.

  • Controls are easy-to-operate and common between lifts.

  • 6-point sling cradles provide flexibility for maximum comfort and safety.

  • Available in 400 and 600 lb (181 and 272kg) versions.

  • 24V DC battery voltage. 80-100 average lifts/charge.

  • 3-year warranty for mechanical/electrical components, 1 year for battery.

Electric Stand Assists


  • Dual-battery system electronics for easy and convenient charging as well.

  • Battery-Powered Stand Assist is appropriate for partial weight-bearing patients.

  • Removable foot platform for gait training.

  • Battery-powered stand assists available in 400 and 600 lb (181 and 272kg) versions.

  • Controls are easy-to- operate.


Patient Handling & Lifting

The lifting and transferring of patients or residents can present a high risk for falls. When used properly, mechanical lifting equipment and transfer aids can greatly reduce this risk and provide additional benefits, such as:

  • Improved quality of care

  • Improved safety and comfort

  • Improved patient or resident satisfaction

  • Less chance of the patient or resident being dropped, or incurring friction burns, dislocated shoulders, skin tears or bruises

  • Reduced risk of injury and improved job satisfaction for staff

Fall Prevention Importance

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