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Pediatric Products


Hygeia Medical is a great link between children in need of medical equipment and supplies and their medical professionals. Hygeia Medical’s purchasing department chooses pediatric medical supplies and equipment carefully.


Our Pediatric products are handpicked to ensure an entertaining and calming focus towards children while providing treatment and care for these typically frightened patients.

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Pediatric Product Catalog

You can conveniently purchase medical equipment and supplies specifically geared towards your children’s needs such as:

  • Children’s diapers

  • Pediatric respiratory equipment

  • Bilirubin blankets

  • Youth pull-ups and briefs

  • Pediatric catheters

  • Enteral nutritions and therapeutic supplements

  • Pediatric ostomy/colostomy supplies

  • Pediatric diagnostic equipment

  • Child proofing equipment

  • Pediatric wheelchairs

  • Pediatric walking aids

If you have any questions or need to obtain more information on our pediatric equipment and supplies you can contact our highly trained staff. We will be more than happy to assist you with your children’s medical DME needs.  

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