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Urology & Ostomy


The urology and ostomy products we carry have been specifically designed to provide patient comfort and ease of use. Our inventory includes a full range of catheters, ostomy products and accessories, drainage bags, securement devices, and more.

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Urology & Ostomy Catalogs

Catheters & Urology Products

The best and most suitable catheter is crucial in order to ensure that your bladder is emptied in a safe and efficient way with as little hassle as possible.

When discussing potential catheterization product choices with your nurse or physician, and our team, make sure you also discuss your lifestyle, concerns, and special needs.

What to look for when choosing a catheter


When choosing a catheter you should look for: 

  • Safety

  • Ease of use

  • How it fits you and your lifestyle

We offer catheters that are:

  • Instantly ready to use

  • Intuitive handling – with no preparation required

  • Minimised risk of urethral damage due to hydrophilic coating of both catheter and eyelets

  • Discreet and Non-medical design – the most compact and personal catheter for women and men

  • More hygienic catheterisation – with the easy-grip handle

Watch this short education video on Preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections.

Ostomy & Clostomy Products

Depending on the shape of your stoma, we help you find the right product


The area is more or less level with the abdomen, although your skin surface may be uneven.


The area around the stoma sinks into the abdomen creating a dip.


The area around the stoma rises from the abdomen creating a peak.

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